Frequently asked questions

Is it allowed to light a fire (barbecue) within Una National Park borders?

Lighting a fire (barbecue) in accordance with the article 6. of the Law on Una National Park is only allowed in the designated places and regulated environment.

Visitors are allowed to light a fire in the picnic area but must obey the rules as follows:

  • Strbacki buk – it is allowed to light a fire above the waterfall (upper part of the site) but only on a grill which is elevated above the ground at a designated spot or at the brick made grill which could be used if consulted with buffet staff. In the lower part of the site, below the wooden path open fire is prohibited while in the picnic area only gas grill can be used.
  • Martin Brod – It is allowed to light a fire in the picnic zone Lucica.

Local population is allowed to light a fire in a supervised and controlled environment in order to carry out certain agricultural activities or to burn wood waste in open spaces in order to maintain and protect forests.

It is strictly forbidden to dump zeal and ashes in the environment. Fire must be put out with water.

Is it allowed to swim in the rivers of Una National Park?

In Una National Park visitors are allowed to swim in the river Una, within the visitor zones on specially marked and designated places for that purpose and only during the time when the Park zones are open for visits. Swimming is allowed out of the visitor zones in inhabited places, at the sites on the river Una which local population uses for this purpose.

It is not allowed to swim 50 meters upstream and downstream from the waterfalls on the river Una, walking on travertine barriers (except skippers in specified areas), and swimming in other rivers of the Park (Unac and Krka).