Rafting and kayaking are the most exciting and the most frequent sports and recreational activities in the waters of the National Park "Una", which offers some excellent organized rafting agencies that will provide you with memorable moments of the most attractive sailing on the river Una, from Štrbački buk to the settlement  Lohovo. The route extends, with its entire length, through the National Park, a distance of 15 km.

The weight of Una, during high water levels, during April and May, is from 3-5 degrees. The first part of the route is long, violent, unpredictable, full of rapids with lots of waves and vortices. During the middle levels, the weight is 2 - 4 degrees, the path is complex and powerful with the swirling water around the tufa rocks, with currents and curves when the adrenaline surprises are possible and desirable to feel the full experience of sailing on this river. Depending on weather conditions during a particular year, the season of rafting on the Una, runs from March to October.

In short - the basic characteristics of the stages:

Weight of water about 4-5 degrees (part 1)
Weight of water about 1-2 degrees (part 2)
The trip takes about 4 hours
Water temperature: 13-17 C

An additional attraction for visitors on this section are the jumps that the skippers perform (the ones that steer the boat) from the highest waterfall on Una, Štrbački buk, at the height of 18 m.

You can find more about the rafting and kayaking on the river Una and about the pricing of services, on several web pages of the rafting agencies that are authorized by the National Park administration to carry out these services. All the agencies that provide rafting services, kayaking and canoeing, have trained and licensed skippers, registered boats, and all guests-rafters are fitted with suitable equipment and with insurance. Boating on other rivers in the National Park, Unac and Krka, is not allowed.