Una is an emerald queen among the rivers. Bright, wild and fast, with the maximum depth of 25 meters. Diving on the river Una is different from the diving in the sea, and because of the specificity it is graded in the range from 1 to 5.

• 1st and 2nd degree is recommended for beginners
• 3rd is recommend for the advanced
• 4th and 5th degree is recommended only for advanced divers.
We ourselves have been searching for a "new" diving experience, traveling from one to the other dive destinations, just to realize that the real diving adventure starts right on the river Una, one of the most beautiful and cleanest rivers in Europe. This is a memorable diving story that can be experienced only in one place and in one river - Una, and it includes: Diving under the waterfalls of Una and the Speed River Diving. While the water mass crashes from the beautiful waterfalls, swirls and turns into foam, you feel the wonderful dynamics and you realize that you are diving into a new dimensions, speed river diving.

If the rafting on the wild river is an adrenaline adventure on the surface, then SPEED RIVER DIVING is certainly one below the water surface. This adventure is born, and received its name in Bihac, and has already managed to gather its followers, adrenaline addicts from the Czech Republic, Hungary, France, Germany, ... SPEED RIVER DIVING is diving in the wild river, full of excitement, a fight with the underwater currents and obstacles. We certainly must mention Klokot and Dabar, very clean and clear rivers, rich with flora and fauna. The water is crystal clean and clear, ideal for underwater video and photo enthusiasts. These rivers are used for human consumption in Bihac and in parts of Sanski Most, which speaks enough about their quality and purity. Dives are conducted by experienced instructors and Divemasters, who care about your safety in the new environment.


In the area of Bihac and the valley of the river Una, two large karst systems end, Ličko-Plješevički on one side, and Grmečki on the other side. Thanks to this position, our area abounds with large sources of shallow water and with a significant number of speleo sunken objects of the previous speleo - diving expedition that undertaken along with divers from France, the Czech Republic and Hungary, have pointed out the enormous natural wealth which we have. Beautiful natural wellsprings with even more beautiful caves are a unique phenomenon in the world. So far we have registered more than ten large caving objects filled with water, of which we have partially examined only five. We especially emphasize the wellspring Klokot, whose bottom had not yet been touched, and we reached a depth of 104.5 m. In our area there are a number of untouched sites, which, in a future period, will be a subject of meeting of an international speleo - diving research expeditions. Speleo facility "Cave", that we now have partially explored in the length of 150 m, is an ideal destination for cave - divers training.


During relatively limited entry into the wellsprings and caves filled with water, we found certain forms of life which surprised domestic and foreign scientific community in the area of speleobiology. We found and photographed Proteus Anguinus and a very rare species Isopoda Cirolanidae  Sphaeromides that was first determined in BiH, and so far only found in southeast France, one part of Italy, Slovenia (Istra), Croatia (Dalmatia), Monte Negro, east Serbia and Bulgaria.