Fly fishing

Just like everywhere else in the world, where people have settled along the water, since the time of Japodi, fishing is a very traditional activity represented in the population that inhabits the area of today's National Park "Una", which remained expressed until today.

In recent times, sport and recreational fishing, represents the most frequently used amusement for nature lovers who, as tourists, visit the National Park, enjoying fly fishing, and also in other methods of fishing that are common and allowed on cool and clear waters of the rivers Una and Unac. With he proclamation of the National Park "Una", and therefore, with the procalamation of protection of one part of the watercourse of Una, Unac and Krka, the legislator did not predict to forbid fishing activities with a strict protection regime, but to make them fit with the prescribed safety measures as the primary task, and on the other hand with the whole tourist offer of the park, of the Municipality of Bihac and of region. On the certain parts of the mentioned watercourses, fishing districts have been organized and these are:

- 3 districts for fly fishing on the rivers Una and Unac,
- 3 districts for the fishing by spinning (blinker and moth) and by water ball with an artificial fly on the river Una,

Districts for fly fishing, Una and Unac, are known to many fishermen in the region and across Europe, and with a new regulation of the fishing regime, new conditions for further popularization of this sport on these two rivers, have been created. A special emphasis is on the connection of the two districts for fly fishing, which now represent one, and in the region a special fishing district as well as one new district for fly fishing lovers, and these are:

- Fishing district no. 1 "Martin Brod", in length of 7,5 kilometers
- Fishing district no. 1B "Kulen Vakuf", in length of 1,5 kilometer

We also emphasize two new districts where fishing is allowed by spinning with artificial bait and fishing with the water ball to the max. 3 dry flies, such as:

- Fishing district no. 2 "Ćelije – Klisa", in length of 14,5 kilometers
- Fishing district no. 4 "Dvoslap", in length of 4,5 kilometers
- fishing district no. 1A "Gečet", in lenght of 3 kilometers
- fishing district no. 5 "Očigrije", in lenght of 1,7 kilometer

You can find more details on the rules of fishing in the waters of the National Park, on the links in the right side of this page.

In the stated districts the most represented species are:

Stream trout /Salmo trutta/ which is hunted in the period of 01.03 - 30.09
Grayling / Thymallus thymallus / which is hunted in the period of 01.05.-30.09.