"Green River Rafting"

The Green River agency was founded in 2003. It specialises in Una River rafting. Our agency has an all-inclusive offer which includes travel organization to your destination (Bihać – Bosnia and Herzegovina), accommodation, food (home-made Bosnian specialities) and, of course, Una rafting which cannot be avoided. There are two rafting stages – the most famous one is Štrbački buk – Lohovo, but we also offer Kostela – Grmuša stage.

During the last ten years many organizations, as well as numerous individuals of adventurous spirit, have experienced Una rafting challenges in our organization through excellent team building.

The Green River Agency organises one or more days of rafting trips. The trips usually take place over weekends and holidays, but they can be organised on work days as well.

We organise rafting for 6 persons at least.

Contact information:

Green River Rafting
Lohovo bb
77 000 Bihac
Bosnia i Herzegovina

Broj mobilnog telefona: +385911811819 
e-mail: info@unarafting.com
web: http://unarafting.com/